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China Imported Beef Data

update: 2020-05

Customs, P.R.China

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Meat International Group

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Introduction to Meat International Group


Meat International Group (MIG) provides professional and effective information and consulting services to relevant practitioners in imported beef industry in China market through extensive industrial experience and value chain resources.

As the market stopgap, MIG provides valuable information and solutions, and utilizes abundant resources in the international and domestic markets to solve various problems in the entire industrial chain of the Chinese imported beef industry.

MIG was formerly known as ABCP Australian Beef Consulting. As of today, MIG has been focusing on the imported beef industry in China for over 8 years. We have accumulated a wealth of databases, cases and substantial materials.

Meat International Group has very deep understanding of the Chinese imported beef market. This includes products from the upstream industry chain, trade standards and supply chain, processing, catering, retail, e-commerce, consumer preferences and other aspects of the entire industry chain.

Our partners have covered the imported beef business from several countries to China. We help overseas brand owners and exporters enter the Chinese market and provide further effective support in different aspects of business growth.

MIG is one of the first professionals to help customers build up imported beef brands in China. We continuously deepen domestic distribution channels and provide efficient distribution channels for our customers in China with rich channel resources.

At the same time, MIG has a complete set of standardized evaluation system for imported beef products and their pricing standards. This system has greatly improved product transaction efficiency and deal rate.

The price index, reports and operation manual provided by MIG to the industry have become the decision-making and operational support tools for most Chinses practitioners in the industry.